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Ashlesha Nakshatra Significance In Hindu Astrology

Ashlesha nakshatra is the ninth of the 27 asterisms that lies in the lunar zodiac belt is of great significance in Hindu astrology. According to Nakshatrachudamani, an ancient text of astrology, Lakshmana, the brother of Rama, was born under this constellation. Dharmaraja, the eldest of the Pandavas of the Mahabharata, reportedly, was also born under Aslesha.

The longitude of this birth star is 106 degrees 40 minutes to 120 degrees 0 minutes. It has a circular shape, and is placed entirely in Cancer sign. The presiding deity of the start is Naga (serpent) and its ruling planet is Budha (Mercury). This means that a person born under this constellation begins his life with Mercury or Budha Dasha.

Ashlesha is classified as an adhomukhanakshatra (downward looking star). According to astrologers, this star is not good for auspicious functions like marriage, house-building and the like. On the other hand, happenings associated with poison, fire, weapons and warfare, digging a well (including oil wells), and ploughing can take place on days having this star. Naga Pratishta (installation of a stone with a serpent form carved on it) and construction of temples for serpents and serpent-worship can be undertaken under Aslesha. According to Daivajnasampurnacandrika, for people born under this star, there is no malefic effect of Mars to be considered in matrimonial matching.

Generally, a person born under this constellation is supposed to be a leader of groups, wealthy, and commands respect from people. But the person would be cruel and deceitful, and have few children. While these are said to be the general characteristics of a person born under Aslesha, the specific characteristics under the four quadrants of the star are listed by astrologers as follows –

A person who is born in the first quadrant (which is called utpannamsha), would be courageous and wise. Those born in the second quadrant (which is called papamsha), would be untidy in appearance, sinful and earning money through questionable means. A person born in the third quadrant of Aslesha (which is called krodhamsha), is supposed to be deceitful and always sickly. A person born under the fourth quadrant (which is called ugramsha) would waste his family-wealth and bring unhappiness to parents.

Moreover, the birth of a person in the last 48 minutes of Aslesha is said to be highly inauspicious. It is to be noted that the consideration of nakshatra aspects alone would not be of much help in predicative astrology since there are several other astrological parameters which need to be examined for reasonably correct predictions.