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Anuradha Nakshatra Significance In Hindu Astrology

Anuradha nakshatra is the 17th nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras in Hindu astrology. In the lunar zodiac belt, it appears to be in the shape of a fold or wrinkle, i.e. having curls. All the four quadrants of this nakshatra (asterism) occupy the sign Scorpio. The presiding deity of Anuradha nakshatra is Mitra, one of the twelve sons of Aditi, the mother of gods. Its ruling planet is Saturn, which means that a person born under Anuradha will begin his life with a Saturn or Shani period.

It is classified as a tiryanmukha (sideways-looking) and also regarded as a soft being and is supposed to give good results. Anuradha is considered auspicious for naming a baby, the commencement of learning, the upanayana (investing with a sacred thread), marriage, laying the foundation stone of a building or house, occupying a house and such other auspicious occasions.

According to Daivajnasampurnacandrika, a person born under Anuradha is supposed to be kind, devoted to the righteous acts, friendly and helpful to others. The person would like long journeys and be fond of wandering, but the person would have few children. While these are said to be the general characteristics of a person born under this constellation, specific characteristics of people born under the four different quadrants of the nakshatra are listed by astrologers as follows –

One who is born under its first quadrant would be modest, truthful and always with an inclination for meditation. A person who is born under the second quadrant (which is called napumsakamsa) of this constellation would be intelligent, interested in music and would possess leadership qualities. One who is born under its third quadrant (which is called abhayamsa) would be restless and indecisive. The person would born under its last quadrant (which is called nicamsa) is supposed to be irreligious and would suffer from poverty.

It is to be noted that the consideration of nakshatra aspects alone would not be of much help in predictive astrology since there are several other astrological parameters which need to be examined for reliable predictions.