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Abhijita Nakshatra Significance In Hindu Astrology

Abhijita nakshatra is a birth star placed between the two constellations, Uttarashada (Uthradam) and Sravana (Thiruvonam). According to Nakshatra Chudamani, an ancient text of applied astronomy, the third and fourth quadrants of Uttara Shada, in combination with the first and second quadrants of the constellation Sravana, constitute Abhijit Nakshatra.

This nakshatra is named after Abhijita, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati (son of Brahma, the creator of the world and the first legendary king of Kankhal near Haridwar), who was given in marriage to the moon. This star is supposed to be always near the constellation Rohini.

In the later Hindu works on astrology, this constellation was dropped and only the twenty-seven constellations from Ashwini to Revati have been recognized as identified stars around the zodiac. Hence no other details about Abhijita nakshatra are available.

It is to be noted that the consideration of nakshatra aspects only would not be of much help in predictive astrology, since there are several other astrological parameters which need to be examined for reasonable predictions.