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Vasi Yoga

Vasi Yoga arises, according to ancient Hindu astrology, when planets (other than the Moon) occupy the twelfth house from the Sun in the horoscope of a person. A person born with this combination is destined to be happy, prosperous, liberal, reticent, hard-working and a favorite of government authorities.

Depending on the planets present in the twelfth house from the sun (barring moon, Rahu and Ketu), there can be six combinations.
  • If the planet causing Vasi Yoga is Mercury, the native may become an eyesore for many.
  • If it is Mars, the native would be large hearted, indulging in philanthropic charity.
  • If it is Jupiter, the person would be miserly and every busy in amassing wealth.
  • If it is Venus, the native will be lazy and chickenhearted (easily frightened).
  • If it is Saturn, the person would enjoy relations with women.
  • If the planet causing this yoga is in its exaltation, the result would be much better than when the same planets are in debilitation.
Supposing the sun is in Leo and Vasi forming Jupiter is in the twelfth house from its, i.e cancer, the result would be much different than when the sun is in Libra and Jupiter is in Virgo.

The yoga becomes supremely powerful and almost all the good results attributed to it would find fully play, when dasas and bhukti (major and minor periods) of the two planets operate. The yoga could become operative also when more than one planet causes it; if one of them, say Saturn is a malefic, then the good influence would be moderated.