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Story Of Ravana Ordering Surya To Rise Early To Hasten The Death Of Lakshmana

The story of Ravana ordering Surya to rise early to hasten the death of Lakshmana is a captivating tale from the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana. In this story, the valiant Lakshmana is struck down by a powerful spear wielded by the demon king Ravana during the great battle between good and evil.

Lakshmana's life hangs in the balance, and the only hope for his survival lies in the miraculous herb known as Mrita Sanjeevani. However, there is a time constraint - the herb must be applied before sunrise for it to be effective.

Hanuman, the ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Rama and a mighty vanara warrior, undertakes the perilous journey to obtain the life-saving herb from the Gandhamadana Mountain. Despite facing numerous obstacles thrown in his path by Ravana, Hanuman persists in his mission with unwavering determination.

As the night wears on and the dawn approaches, Ravana, desperate to ensure Lakshmana's demise, decides to intervene. Utilizing his authority as the master of three worlds, Ravana commands Surya, the sun god, to rise earlier than usual, thereby hastening the arrival of sunrise.

Meanwhile, Hanuman, still on his quest, notices the early signs of dawn on the horizon. Realizing the urgency of the situation, he takes decisive action. He intercepts Surya's chariot and confronts the charioteer, pleading with him to delay the sunrise until Lakshmana is saved.

However, Surya, bound by his duty and allegiance to Ravana, expresses his inability to defy the demon king's command. Despite his sympathy for Hanuman's plight, Surya remains powerless to assist.

Undeterred, Hanuman employs his quick thinking and resourcefulness to outsmart Surya. He cunningly engages Surya in conversation, tricking him into leaning forward to hear a supposed secret. Seizing this opportunity, Hanuman grows in size and swiftly embraces Surya in a tight hug, immobilizing him.

With Surya temporarily incapacitated, Hanuman wastes no time in resuming his mission. He releases Surya and swiftly returns to Gandhamadana Mountain to continue his search for the life-saving herb, determined to save Lakshmana at any cost.

This tale of bravery, devotion, and cunning strategy showcases the enduring themes of heroism and sacrifice that are central to the timeless narrative of the Ramayana.