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How Indrajith Was Able To Defeat Hanuman In The Ramayana?

The battle between Hanuman and Indrajit is mentioned in the Kishkindha Kand of Ramayana. Did Indrajith Hanuman or did Hanuman feign defeat? Hanuman who was searching for Mata Sita discovers her in Ashokavana in Lanka. After discovering Mata Sita, Hanuman wrecks havoc in Lanka. Rakshasa army is deployed to capture Hanuman but they are all killed. In the battle to capture Hanuman, Ravana’s son Aksha is also killed.

Ravana then summons his most powerful son, Indrajith. The unusual strength of Hanuman baffled Ravana and that is the reason why he deputed Indrajit to capture Hanuman.

Indrajit rushed to the neighborhood of Ashokavana. Hanuman was eagerly waiting for the arrival of next rakshasa contingent.

The battle between Hanuman and Indrajit was thrilling and destructive. Indrajit was frustrated as his arrows had no power on Hanuman.

Finally, Indrajit took up the Brahmastra and decided to bind him with it.

Hanuman as a respect for Brahma allowed himself to be bound by the Brahmastra.

Brahma had given Hanuman the boon that no weapon on earth will be able to harm Him.

Hanuman allowed himself to be bound as he wanted to have an audience with Ravana.

He wanted to give an account of the power of Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sugriva and the Vanar Sena.

Thus the great Hanuman allowed Indrajit to capture him.