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Why Ravana Could Not Touch Sita In The Ramayana?

Ravana kidnapped Mata Sita with the intention of marrying Her but he could never touch her. He never used force but was pleading with Sita for her love. A demon like Ravana would have used force instead of pleading. So, why Ravana could not forcibly approach Mata Sita?

The answer to it is found in the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana. Ravana himself answer this question when one of his ministers, Mahaparshva, wants to know why he did not forcibly take Mata Sita.

Ravana once saw and apsara named Punjikasthala. She was going to the abode of Brahma.

Ravana approached her lustfully and raped her.

Punjikasthala reached the abode of Brahma crying.

Brahma realized what had happened and he cursed Ravana that from then if he takes a woman by force his head will break into thousand pieces.