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Sadasiva Brahmendra – Short Biography

There is no historical record regarding the time of Thirumoolar Sadasiva Brahmendra. It is believed that he lived somewhere between the mid-16th century CE and mid-18th century CE. Even to think about time in regard with Sadasiva Brahmendra is a human folly, as he was a saint who broke away from all man-made conventions. As per Upanishad teachings, knower of Brahman is Brahman.

Sadasiva Brahmendra grew up in Tamil Nadu and was a prodigy in Hindu philosophy especially Vedanta. As per his personal life, he is believed to have had an early marriage but had spiritual revelation on the day his wife reached puberty. He renounced the world on the day and concentrated on his studies. He was a famous debater but this got him into trouble many times as those who were defeated by his scholarly powers complained to his Guru about this. Finally, his Guru asked him to keep quiet. He literally took the order of his Guru and took a vow of silence and he kept it up for the rest of his life.

He became a wandering monk and a siddha. He roamed around like an Avadhuta. He is believed to have performed numerous miracles during this period. His mind was always immersed in the Absolute Brahman.

His major literary work is Brahma Sutravritti – a scholarly commentary on the Brahmasutras.

He has thirteen other works to his credit. Some of the important ones include Yogasutravritti (also known as Yogasudhakaram); Jagadgururatnamalotsava, a history of Kanchi Kamakoti mutt in 87 verses; Advaita Rasamanjari in 45 verses; Atmavidyavilasam (spiritual autobiography).

Coming out of his vow of silence, Sadasiva Brahmendra composed wonderful songs. A few example are –

  • manasa samcara re, brahmani manasa samcara re (hey mind, dwell on brahman)
  • sarvam brahma mayam, re re sarvam brahma mayam (everything is brahman to the brim)
  • khelati mama hrdaye ramah (Rama is sporting in my mind)
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