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Story of the Birth or Origin of Goddess Durga as per Hindu Scriptures

Many people want to know the story of the birth or origin of Goddess Durga in Hindu scriptures. It must be noted that Goddess Durga is the one without birth or death. Only She exists – all animate and inanimate beings are like bubbles in ocean. Goddess Durga appeared in a form (which is wrongly called as birth or origin) to help his devotees.

Story of Origin of Goddess Durga

Mahishasura acquired innumerable power through boons and defeated the gods and the demons. He attacked the heaven and captured it and made ‘devas’ his slaves. He proclaimed that he is now Indra – the lord of the gods. The gods led by Brahma approached Vishnu and Shiva and appraised them of the situation.

The actions of Mahishasura caused intense anger in the Trimurtis. The anger emerging out of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva combined to the take the shape of a terrible form and this was Durga.

The Human Form of Goddess Durga

It is said that the flames of fire that gushed out of the eyes of the Trimurtis – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – formed a mountain, brilliant like a million suns. Out of this mountain, Durga took shape as the goddess more powerful than all the gods.

‘samasta devanam tejo rasi samudbhavam’ Durga is the brilliance of all the gods.

From Shiva's energy took shape the face of Durga;
Hair appeared from the energy of Yamraj - god of death.
Hands from the energy of Vishnu
Breasts from the energy of Chandra - the moon god
Three eyes from the energy of Agni - the fire god
Fingers on legs were from the energy of Surya - the sun god
Nose appeared from the energy of Kuber - the treasurer of gods
Teeth from the energy of Prajapati
Eyebrows appeared from the energy of Goddess Sandhya
Ears appeared from the energy of Vayu.

Weapons of Goddess Durga

Captivated by the awe-inspiring Durga, the gods bestowed on her their own characteristic weapons. Shiva – the trident, Vishnu – the discus, Varuna – the conch, Agni – the spear, Yama – the cudgel, Vayu – the bow, Surya – the arrows, Indra – the vajra, Kubera – the mace, Brahma – the water pot, Kala – the sword and Vishwakarma – the axe. Himavan gifted a mountain lion as her vehicle.