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Reason For Enmity Between Jarasandha And Sri Krishna

The enmity between Jarasandha and Sri Krishna stemmed from a complex web of historical events and personal vendettas. Here's an expanded explanation:

Alliance with Kamsa: Jarasandha, the powerful ruler of Magadha, had established a strategic alliance with Kamsa, the evil maternal uncle of Sri Krishna. He married his daughters to Kamsa, cementing their ties. However, when Krishna eventually defeated and killed Kamsa, Jarasandha was left aggrieved by the loss of his daughters' husbands.

Outrage at Krishna's Actions: Jarasandha's outrage at the demise of his daughters' husbands fueled his animosity toward Krishna. He saw Krishna as responsible for the widowhood of his daughters and sought revenge for this perceived injustice.

Repeated Battles: Jarasandha, driven by his desire for vengeance, waged numerous battles against Krishna and the Yadavas. He launched relentless attacks on Mathura, Krishna's stronghold, in an attempt to avenge the deaths of his daughters' husbands and assert his dominance.

Strategic Withdrawal: Despite Krishna's prowess in battle and his ability to repel Jarasandha's attacks, he realized that the constant warfare was draining the resources and energy of the Yadava community. To ensure the prosperity and progress of his people, Krishna decided on a strategic withdrawal.

Shift to Dwaraka: Recognizing the need to safeguard his people from Jarasandha's persistent aggression, Krishna made the strategic decision to shift the Yadava capital from Mathura to Dwaraka, located southwest of Mathura and beyond the reach of Jarasandha's army. This move allowed the Yadavas to regroup, rebuild, and thrive without the constant threat of Jarasandha's attacks.

In summary, the enmity between Jarasandha and Sri Krishna was fueled by personal vendettas, strategic alliances, and the desire for revenge. Krishna's decision to shift the Yadava capital to Dwaraka marked a crucial turning point in their conflict, enabling the Yadavas to escape the constant warfare and focus on their growth and prosperity.