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How A Knower Of Brahman Would Behave? – Sadasiva Brahmendra

Sadasiva Brahmendra gives a peek into the life of knower of Brahman in his Atmavidya Vilasam.

Fully engrossed in the enjoyment of his own bliss, he remains in another world as it were; and as strikes his fancy, here he is engaged in thought, there he is singing and there he is dancing. (Atmavidya Vilasam 21)

The sage shines supreme, silent and placid, with the ground under the tree as his resting place and with his palm as the begging bowl, wearing no clothes but only the jewel of non-attachment. (Atmavidya Vilasam 35)

Having dissolved the entire world (by right knowledge) and being under the power of the all-embracing substratum that survives such dissolution, he puts into his mouth by force of prarabdha-karma, the handful of food which comes to him. (Atmavidya Vilasam 40)

The yogi sees nothing, speaks nothing and hears nothing that is spoken. He remains steadfast in the incomparable region of bliss, immovable like a log of wood. (Atmavidya Vilasam 44)

The great renouncer who knows the Truth of all the vedas wanders like an ignorant fool unnoticed, devoid of all sense of difference and seeing only Perfection everywhere and in all creatures. (Atmavidya Vilasam 45)

Embracing equanimity and having been overpowered by Bliss he sleeps with his head for a pillow, with nothing for cover and with the bare ground for a bedding. (Atmavidya Vilasam 46)

The sage rejects nothing considering it bad; nor does he accept anything, considering it good. Knowing that everything is the result of Ignorance, he remains unattached. (Atmavidya Vilasam 50)

He does not think at all of what is past, nor does he care in his mind about the future. He does not even care who is in front of him, for He is the One Perfect Bliss in everything. (Atmavidya Vilasam 51)

The king of renouncers rests alone, rooted in Self and enjoying the Inner Bliss; he rejects nothing that comes to him and never desires what does not come to him. (Atmavidya Vilasam 53)

The great ascetic transcends the rules of caste and status shaking off from him the injunctions and prohibitions of the scriptures and he remains merely the perfect Knowledge-Bliss. (Atmavidya Vilasam 57)