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Story of Thousand Headed Ravana

We are all familiar with the ten-headed Ravana in Ramayana. But there is a story of Ravana with thousand heads in the Adbhuta Ramayana - Shakti Tantric version of Ramayana. The thousand-headed Ravana is the brother of Ravana that Sri Ram killed in the Valmiki Ramayana.

Smile of Mata Sita

Thousand-Headed Ravana was the king of Pushkara Island. As per Adbhuta Ramayana, when Sri Ram kills ten-headed Ravana, all the Rishis praised Him. Mata Sita only smiled. When Sri Ram wanted to know why his killing of Ravana did not impress Mata Sita, She mentions about the thousand-headed Ravana.

Story of Thousand Headed Ravana

Sri Ram Fights Thousand-Headed Ravana

Sri Ram immediately departs to the Pushkara Island to fight the brother of Ravana.

But in the battle, Sri Ram is pierced by an arrow of thousand-headed Ravana and he falls unconscious.

Fierce Form of Mata Sita

Mata Sita then assumes the fierce form of Mother Goddess Shakti. From Her appears a thousand matrikas (mother goddesses) and they create havoc in the battlefield. The entire army is devoured by the matrikas.

The indefinable and unimaginable form of Goddess chops of the thousand heads of Ravana. She puts an end to the terrible reign of the demon on the Pushkara Island.

She stops her dance of destruction only when Sri Ram gains consciousness.

Note – Adbhuta Ramayana is a tantric Shakti text and Mata Sita is given importance. She is the all-powerful Mother in it.

Note 1 – This story is not part of the original Ramayana.

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