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Why Should the Main Gate of the House Not Be in the South?

There is a belief that the main gate of the house should not be in the south. You should not be daily leaving and entering the house from the south side. Here are the reasons as to why the main gate of the house should not be on the southern side.
  • The lord and deity of South is Yama, the Hindu god of death. Therefore it is inauspicious.
  • The representative of the direction is Mangal, the fiery planet. Attracts negative energy
  • Difficulties and threat to life and wealth.
  • Constant accidents and bad luck.
  • There will be no peace and prosperity.
Gate is South Side is Good for These People
  • Makar and Mesha Rashi (For those people in who Mangal is in Uccha Rashi)
  • For Politicians.
If it is impossible to change the south side gate? Then what?
  • The only option is to offer prayers to Hanuman daily.
  • Keep the image of Dakshina Mukhi Hanuman facing the gate.