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Mangal Mangalik Yog Solution and Shanti

Mangalik Yog in a horoscope is considered to highly inauspicious especially in regard to marriage. This is strictly followed by those who believe and follow astrology and horoscope. Mangal Mangalik Yog is the result of the bad positioning of Mangal Grah. The solution or Mangal Mangalik Yog Shanti suggested in most texts is Mangala Gauri Vrat for seven Tuesdays.

The best month is to Mangala Gauri Vrat is during the Tuesdays in Shravan month and continue for another two or three Tuesdays in Bhadrapad month.

Another option is to do Mangalvar Vrat for seven Tuesdays this can be done in any month.

The mantra that is to be chanted for Shanti is Om kram kreem krom sa: Bhoumaya Namaha.

Donating food and clothes to the poor is also considered highly meritorious.