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On the four paths or yogas

The goal of life is self-realization. There are four paths or yogas to suit people of different temperaments. They all lead to the same goal. The four paths are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. These are not contradictions to each other, but are mutually complementary. Karma Yoga removes mala (dirt), purifies the mind and develop the hand.

Bhakti Yoga destroys Vikshepa and develops the heart.

Raja Yoga steadies the mind and makes it one-pointed.

Jnana Yoga removes the veil of ignorance, develops will and reason, and brings in knowledge of the self.
Therefore, one should practice the four yogas. You can have Jnana Yoga at the center and the other Yogas as auxiliaries, to get rapid progress in the spiritual path.

Words of Wisdom – Meena Om

True spirituality advises to let thoughts surface irrespective of being negative or positive. One should just witness them. The awareness of the truth of their existence assists in letting them go, or pass on.

Be truthful. Know where you are comfortable. Whatever you take up, there should be continuity in it; there should be no undercurrent; and no excuse.

There is only one truth -- that is Death. But until that happens live each moment to the fullest. You have it all to do justice to this moment.
Nature wants us to collaborate and co-operate. To co-operate means to work on ourselves by going inside and opening up to receive and let the forces of truth, love and light work within us to manifest divine qualities.
– Meena Om