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Symbolism of Equilateral Triangle in Hinduism

Equilateral Triangle is part of various chakras and yantras in Hinduism. It is also widely used in Tantric rituals. An equilateral triangle represents the unattainable. It is the symbol of the divine – which can only be realized by a devotee who has shed ignorance. An inverted equilateral triangle represents Shakti. An upward pointing equilateral triangle represents Shiva. Creation depends on the union of the two .

Asmarohanam Ceremony during Hindu Marriage

Asmarohanam Ceremony during Hindu Marriage takes place at the house of the groom. The groom calls his wife Mahishi, or queen, and asks her treat all his relatives equally. He prays to his family deity to give him and his long life, wealth, progeny and happiness. Next the groom performs the Asmarohanam Ceremony. The bridegroom gently raises the foot of the bride, places it on the stone used for grinding spices, and says may you be as strong as this stone. After this the married couples look at the Arundhati star.

If Man Does Not Know Himself, How Can His Life Be Lived Successfully? – Swami Chidananda

When we observe mankind itself, we see vast masses of people in different parts of the globe with an improved material lot, but without corresponding satisfaction and happiness, which ought to have been the result of this external progress. If man is to truly improve and advance, he must do so on all levels and in all spheres of life and activity. Man’s possessions have been increased, but not his joy of living. Emami Temple Balasore Odisha The imbalance between outward advancements and the basic degeneracy undergone by the human individual is the root-cause of the unhappy state in which humanity finds itself today, fraught with fear, uncertainty and with a sense of insecurity. People do not want to think of the present. Either they project themselves into a future when man will perhaps have solved all his present problems, or they think wistfully of the past when things seem to have been better. This is due to the basic error that the entire power of man’s mind, his percept