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Sahastrabahu Arjun Jayanti

Sahastrabahu Arjuna is popular in Hindu Puranas as the thousand armed king who defeated Ravana. Sahastrabahu Arjun Jayanti 2018 date is November 14. It is observed annually on the Shukla Paksha saptami day (seventh day of the waxing phase of moon) in Kartik month. He is a contemporary of Sri Ram.
Legend has it that Sahastrabahu had thousand arms and once even defeated the demon king Ravana of Ramayana. It is also believed by some Hindu communities that Sahastrabahu is an incarnation of the Sudharshana Chakra of Vishnu.
Sage Dattatreya was the guru of Sahastrabahu. It is believed that he got his thousands arms as a blessing from Sage Dattatreya.
Legend has it that once he blocked Godavari using his thousand arms to take bath with his queens. This enraged Ravana who was bathing on one side of Godavari. It is said that in the battle that followed Sahastrabahu humbled the Ravana.

Meaning of Name Lakshmana

Lakshmana, an avatar of Sesha Nag, was the brother of Sri Ram and his constant companion. Laksham means ‘goal’ and Ann means ‘to pierce through’.  Symbolically the meaning of Lakshmana is a person who attains his goal.

To attain the goal a person should have strong investigative mind and commonsense.
The character of Lakshmana in Ramayana is more practical and rational. This attitude comes to the help of Sri Ram on many occasions in the Ramayana.

Parvaitin – The Person Fasting and Offering Worship on Chhath

Chhath festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Surya or Sun God is observed a couple of days after Diwali in the Kartik month (October – November) mainly in Bihar, Terai region of Nepal and in parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal and Chattisgarh. The devotee observing the Chhath fast is known as Parvaitin. The Chhath fast is usually observed by women. During the four days of the Chhath rituals the Parvaitin stays away from all types of work.
Parvaitin is assisted by her husband, children and other family members in completing the four-day Chhath rituals, which involves 36-hour long fast, cooking of special food and the worship on the banks of a holy river.
A devotee becomes a Parvaitin when the mantle is passed on to her by an elderly devotee who was observing the Chhath ritual in the family.
Once a devotee takes up the Parvaitin responsibility she continues to perform the rituals annually without any break and stops only when she has identified a pers…

Tirukalyanam during Skanda Sashti – Thiru Kalyanam

Tirukalyanam of Lord Muruga concludes the Skanda Sashti festival held after Amavasai in the Tamil month Aipassi. Tirukalyanam 2018 date is November 14. After the sixth day Skanda Sashti fasting and Soorasamharam, Tirukalyanam is held on the seventh day. It is a major event in important Lord Muruga temples.

On the Tirukalyanam day, Lord Muruga marries Goddess Devasena. This divine marriage is celebrated with all traditional rituals by Muruga devotees.

Special arrangements are made on the Tirukalyanam day. The previous day is the Surasamharam and this holy event too attracts thousands of devotees.

Lord Muruga is also known as Skanda, Subrahmanya, Kartik and Kartikeya.

Today, Tirukalyanam is observed in Murugan Temples around the world especially in South India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Living with what we have is a sign of spiritual maturity

Living with what we have is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Nothing lasts forever. Live in the present by following Dharma.

The best way to overcome fear of loneliness is by making Lord Krishna our best friend.

Read the Bhagavad Gita and understand the universal truth to transcend the fear of losing a loved one.
If we are unemployed, it means we have not dropped our ego. There is work all around us but it is false prestige that is stopping us from taking up a job.