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Story of Anjani – Mother of Hanuman

Anjani, wife of monkey king Kesari, is the mother of Hindu God Hanuman . Anjani is also known as Anjana. There is an interesting story mentioned in Puranas which suggest how Anjani became the mother of Hanuman. Anjani in her previous birth was a beautiful woman and served Goddess Parvati . One day Anjani was frightened by a huge thunder storm and she ran into the arms of Shiva. Goddess Parvati who happened to see this became jealous and cursed her to be born as monkey. Shiva did not agree to this act of Goddess Parvati and gave Anjani the boon that she will give birth to a son in her monkey form who will be a manifestation Shiva himself. Years later, Shiva requested Vishnu to see his Mohini form . Pleased with the form, Shiva asked Vishnu to ask for a gift. Vishnu asked for the essence of Shiva’s strength and spirituality. Shiva created a seed which contained the spirit of his strength and spirituality. Vishnu then gave this seed to the Sapta Rishis and aske

Shiva as Bhikshatan – The Story

One among the numerous forms of Shiva is Bhikshatan – mendicant or wandering ascetic or the beggar. There are two stories which narrate why Shiva took the form of Bhikshatana. The first story is associated with Shiva – Parvati marriage. The second story is associated with Shiva cutting the head of Brahma. Goddess Parvati had performed intense penance to get Shiva as her husband. Shiva agreed finally. Shiva then in the form of a Bhikshatan with a dog asked Himavan for the hand of Parvati in marriage. It is said that Shiva appeared before the Himavan – father of Parvati – with an hour glass drum in hand. He began to dance to the rhythm of the drum. All the people assembled there were impressed by the dance of Shiva as Bhikshatan. Himavan and his wife offered Him jewels and food but He rejected them. Instead He said that He want to marry Parvati. Before Himavan and the assembled people could react, Bhikshatan disappeared. Shiva took this form to fulfill the traditional