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Pusan God in Hindu Religion

Pusan is one of the names of Surya, the sun god in Hinduism. It is considered to be the sixth name of the sun god. The name pusan is recited during surya namaskara and while offering prayers. He is praised in the Rig Veda in numerous hymns.

Pusan means one who nourishes.

He is the protector of all beings. He nourishes and protect all living begins including cattle.

Pusan is also referred as the brother of Indra.

He is offered prayers in the Vedas to bring back horses, cows, sheep and other livestocks.

He is also offered prayers to keep livestocks away from diseases and injuries.

Pusan also drives away enemies and brings their wealth.
Apart from Rig Veda, chants dedicated to Pusan are found in Asvalayana Grihyasutra and Samkhayana Grihyasutra.

Alagirinathar Temple at Salem in Tamil Nadu – Salem Azhagirinathar Kovil

Alagirinathar Temple is located at Kottai near Salem in Tamil Nadu. This is ancient shrine and the temple is famous as Azhagirinathar Kovil. Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi took birth here as the daughter of Bhrigu Rishi and Lord Vishnu appeared here as Alagirinathar and married her.

Story of Alagirinathar Temple at Salem

Legend has it that Goddess Lakshmi who witnessed the incident of Sage Bhrigu kicking the chest of Vishnu could not tolerate the behavior of Sage Bhrigu and she was even more annoyed with Vishnu for letting the sage go scot free.

Goddess Lakshmi left for earth. Sage Bhrigu realized his mistake and wanted to make amends. He came to earth and on advice of Sage Vaiganasa performed intense austerities at Salem.

Goddess Lakshmi then appeared here in the form of a baby girl. Sage Bhrigu realized that the baby was Mahalakshmi. He took good care of the baby girl and in due course of time, she grew up into a beautiful girl.

The time had come for the marriage of the beautif…

Origin of Onam Festival and Meaning of the Word Onam

The word ‘Onam’ or ‘Thiruvonam’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shravanam.’ Thiruonam is one among the 27 nakshatras or constellations and in Sanskrit ‘Thiruvonam’ is known as ‘Shravanam.’ The passage of time and local language usage saw the word Shravanam becoming Onam. The word ‘Thiru’ is used to address places and activities associated with Lord Vishnu in South India. Thiruvonam is also believed to be the Nakshtra of Lord Vishnu, who appeared as Vamana to push Mahabali into Pathalam. 
The Origin of Onam is popularly associated with the legend of the great King of Kerala Mahabali or Maveli coming to visit his land. The popular myth is that Lord Vishnu took the Vamana incarnation to help Devas (demi gods) to get rid of Demon King Mahabali who had become the ruler of the universe. Dwarf Vamana was offered three paces of land during a yagna by King Bali thinking that the little Vamana could not take much land using his foot. But soon Vamana became Narayana and in one step took earth…

Success in Your Life Is Measured By the Smile You Have – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The success in your life is measured by the smile you have.

Education is something that makes you very strong and vibrant. It makes you smile through tough times and brings in you an air of friendliness despite difficulties. If you are an educated person the smile is your friend.
If you don’t have many friends it is because you keep thinking about other people’s opinion about you. You need to give everyone the freedom to think and say what they want. You should not bother about what others think of you. You should become free from all buttons which, when pressed, upset you. You should have a personality which is so strong that no one can humiliate you.
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar