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Story of Sage Narada Turning into Woman - Unsatisfied Desires and Attachments Lead to Rebirth

Story of Sage Narada turning into woman is found in the seventh Skanda of the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. During one of their travels, Sage Narada and Bhagavan Sri Krishna reached a stream. Sri Krishna warned Sage Narada to not to drink water from the stream. But the thirsty Sage ignored the advice and drank water from the stream. The next moment Sage Narada turned into a woman and when she looked around, she did not see Sri Krishna. She wandered through the forest and reached the ashrama of a Sage. The Sage had just opened his eyes after a long meditation. He was impressed by the woman and married her. In due course of time, she became the mother of sixty children. One day her husband and all the sixty children died. She was grief stricken and did not have the strength to cremate her husband and children. Suddenly she felt an unusual hunger. She saw a mango atop a mango tree. She tried to pluck the fruit but she could not do it. Due to the intense hunger, she