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How to Perform Gowri Habba or Swarna Gowri Vratha?

Gowri Habba or Swarna Gowri Vratha is a Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Paravati, also known as Gaowri. The ‘Vrat’ is mainly observed by married and unmarried women and is mainly performed in Karnataka and other places in South India. An answer to How to do the Gowri Habba or Swarna Gauri Vratam is bit complex as there are numerous regional and community variations in performing the ritual. The festival is also known as Ganesh Gowri or Ganesh Habba as Ganesh Chaturthi is on the next day.

Performing Gowri Habba
On the Swarna Gauri Vratam day, the house is cleaned thoroughly. After bathing married women and young girls in the family dress up neatly. Some people perform the puja at home; others at the houses of relatives or friends and some opt for the nearby temples. A small temporary shrine is erected using banana leaves and banana stem. This is decorated with mango leaves, turmeric, tulsi and sandalwood paste. Those who already have a puja cabinet perform the ritual in it or in a…

Negative thoughts bring nothing but destruction

The best way to get other people like us is by focusing on developing trust and respect.

Those with patience achieve what they set out for.

Those who expect instant success and instant results are only opening the doors of frustration and depression.

Right effort and patience will always take us to success.

Negative thoughts bring nothing but destruction.

If we are looking for a better life, then better our thoughts first.
If we want to go deep down into anything, then go deep down into ourselves and discover That which is present in all animate and inanimate.