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Veera Lakshmi

Veera Lakshmi is one of the Ashta Lakshmis in Hindu tradition. This form of Goddess Lakshmi provides us courage to overcome difficulties in life. The paintings of Veera Lakshmi depict her having eight arms. She holds weapons like bow, arrow, chakra and trident.

This form of Goddess Laxmi is worshipped before battles and campaigns.

She is also referred as goddess of power or goddess of courage.
Veera Lakshmi is worshipped as part of Ashta Lakshmi. There are no separate known shrines dedicated exclusively to this form.

Thoughts on the use of Symbols in Upanishad to Realize Ultimate Truth

Sri K. Srinivasan in a lecture delves into the world of symbols used in Upanishads to realize the ultimate Truth. The Hindu reports  The Upanishads reflect the collective thought of realised sages who have meditated on the inexhaustible and abstract nature of the Supreme Brahman. It is said that when the Vedas tried to describe the Brahman, word and thought raced ahead to accomplish this task. But both of them came back baffled by the ineffable Brahman. Even so, scriptures show in many places that though the nature of Brahman cannot be defined, it does not imply that Brahman has no essential nature of its own. Scriptures use many symbols to discuss the subtleties of spiritual experience and the hence the same scripture may appeal to a variety of people in many ways.  These symbols represent or serve as external links to reach out to the ultimate truth that belongs to the realm of the infinite. This gives rise to different approaches, perspectives and interpretations of the symbolism —…

Contentment is the greatest wealth – Mahabharata

Health is the greatest gain.

Contentment is the greatest wealth.

Faith is the best friend.

Nirvana is the highest happiness.

O desire, I know where your roots lie. You are born of thought, I shall not think of you, and you will cease to exist, along with your roots.
Pride, malice, slander, crookedness, and incapacity to her other people’s good, are vices, that are to be seen in persons of uncleansed soul under the domination of covetousness.
– Mahabharata