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Bharata in Ramayana – Bharat – Son of Dasaratha and Younger Brother of Sri Ram

In the Ramayana, Bharata, or Bharat, is the younger brother of Sri Ram and Son of Dasaratha. He symbolizes nobility, selflessness and devotion. When his mother, Kaikeyi, wanted him to be the king of Ayodhya instead of Sri Ram; he refused and rebuked his mother. Bharata performed the last rites of his father who had died of shock at Sri Ram’s departure to the forest. He declined to wear the crown and decided to go to the forest and bring back Sri Ram. When he reached the forest, Sri Ram declined to return and asked Bharata to rule Ayodhya in his place. Bharata accepted Sri Ram’s advice. He placed Sri Ram’s sandals on the throne and ruled on behalf of Sri Ram. He built a thatched hut for himself away from the city and lived and austere life similar to that of Sri Rama’s in the forest. Bharata is eulogized in almost all literary works based on the Ramayana. He symbolizes nobility, selflessness and devotion. He married Mandavi, cousin sister of Mata Sita.

Characteristics of an Avadhuta Yogi as per Gorakhnath

The characteristics of an Avadhuta Yogi are mentioned in the Chapter 6 of Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati by Gorakhnath. Here are the qualities of an Avadhuta: He is well versed in the discipline of Yoga. What he speaks is the revealed word. Whatever place he visits becomes a tirtha (place of pilgrimage). Though he undergoes phases of tyaga (abandonment) and bhoga (enjoyment), he is indifferent to both. An Avadhuta is the follower of the divine path and nothing surpasses his divinity.