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Jagannath Chariot Trivia - Did you Know Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra Chariot has 16 wheels and 18 pillars

The three chariots used in annual Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra are constructed new each year.

Sal Wood is used for the construction of the chariots.
Around 1090 meters of new cloth is used to cover each chariot.
The structure above the wheels of Jagannath chariot contains eighteen pillars and roofs at various stages.
Each chariot contains nine subsidiary deities, two doorkeepers, and one charioteer all of which are made of wood.
Each chariot is fastened with four long ropes manufactured from coconut fibers. 
Number of Wheels in the Jagannath Chariot is 16. They have a diameter of 7 feet.
Dimension of Jagannath Chariot – Height: 13’.5m - Length and breadth - 34’6” x 34’.6”
Total Number of wooden pieces used in Jagannath Chariot is 832.
You can get more information about the size and other details of all the three Puri Rathas in this article

When Emotions Overwhelm

We all have strong feeling for something or other. We say and do lot of things in the heat of the moment and later regret. So do not be a slave of our emotions. We should pull back the moment we get the feeling that things are going out of hand.

When we have strong feeling for something we tend to ignore several aspects of the issue. To prove our point we become irrational and go against truth and reality.

Think, wait and then respond. When we are overwhelmed by emotions, we should take a breath, pause and then respond in a dignified manner.

Negative emotions never helps. It only damages. But if we try to fight or suppress negative emotions it will cling on to us. We need to shed them. Anger, fear, sadness, fear, depression… all this should clearly studied and understood. We need to keep a close watch on them. The moment they try to overwhelm us we should realize it and stop them.

Emotions only overwhelm the wrongly identified self. Am I this body. No. I am the Supreme Self, which …