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Showing posts from June 15, 2016

How Jackfruit Came to Have Spikes? Story from Mahabharata

An interesting story as to how jackfruits came to have spikes is found in the Mahabharata. The folktale begins with Bhima pretending to have fever. He requested Draupadi to massage his legs. Bhima then took large jackfruits and covered it with clothes. Draupadi massaged the jackfruits thinking it to be the firm limbs of Bhima. When Draupadi saw the other Pandavas laughing, she removed the clothes and discovered the jackfruits. An embarrassed Draupadi in anger cursed the jackfruits to have spikes. Thus, jackfruits were no longer smooth.

Thakurani Yatra at Ganjam District in Orissa – Visit of Budhi Thakurani

Thakurani Yatra is annually held in Ganjam District in Orissa. It is the visit of Goddess Budhi Thakurani to Berhampur and Chatrapur. Thakurani Yatra is held once in two years at Berhampur. When the yatra is held at Berhampur it is not held at Chatrapur. People from both the towns invite the Goddess worshipped in Buddhi Thakurani temple to their towns. She is the daughter of one of the important household in the town and her visit is marked by numerous rituals, fairs and festivals. A temporary temple is raised to accommodate the Devi. The visit lasts for a month. Chants of shlokas, mantras, conchs, beating of bells, firecrackers and dancing set the tone for the month long festivity. Nowadays, the festival is famous for people adorning numerous costumes of characters from Hindu scriptures and other characters from day-to-day life.