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Sundararaja Perumal – About God Soundararaja Perumal

Sundararaja Perumal is a form of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped in Vaishnava Temples in Tamil Nadu. As Soundararaja Perumal, Lord Vishnu is the handsome groom. Usually in this form, he marries Goddess Lakshmi, Bhudevi, Sridevi, or Andal.

Perumal simply means ‘god’. Sundaraja means the most handsome.

The divine beauty of Vishnu in this form is beyond comparison.

In Sundararaja Perumal temples, the most important festival is the wedding of Lord Vishnu with his consort.

The murti of Sundararaja Perumal is usually four armed. He is kind and benevolent. Two hands will be blessing posture. The other two hands usually hold conch, lotus or chakra.