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Kateel Devi – Story of Kateel Durgaparameshwari Devi

Kateel Devi, also known as Kateel Durgaparameshwari, is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Durga. The story of this incarnation of Goddess Shakti is part of two legends. The goddess is worshipped in this form in the famous Kateel Devi Temple at Kateel near Mangalore in Karnataka. Legend has it that once there was a severe drought on Earth. There was no water on earth and the living beings were dying out of thirst and starvation. Sage Jabali who was meditating in a cave woke up on hearing the cries of living beings. Sage Jabali decided to perform a yajna and eradicate the drought. But there was no material available for the Yajna. So the sage went to heaven and requested Indra for help. Indra asked Nandini, the daughter of Kamadhenu, wish fulfilling cow, to help Sage Jabali. But Nandini was not ready to set foot on earth which had housed demons like Ravana etc. Sage requested her to forget the past and follow him to earth. But Nandini was adamant. Sage Jabali wa