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Manmath Swami Janmotsav at Kapildhar in Beed District – Manmatha Swami Jayanti

Manmath Swami Janmotsav or Jayanti is the birth anniversary celebrations at Kapildhar in Beed District in  Maharashtra . The festival is observed in Magh Month. Manmath Swami Janmotsav 2024 date is February 14. The day is of great importance at Kapildhar in Beed District. The samadhi or the final resting place of Shiva Yogi Manmath Swami is located here. Manmath Swami was a great saint of the Lingayat sect of Shaivism. He wrote numerous books and described the Abhanjas and Ashtanga Acharan for common people. Important festivities take place at Manmath Swami Mandir located at Kapildhar. Thousands of devotees participate in the Janmotsav. Special satsangs are organized on the day. Manmath Swami Yatra is annually observed on Magh Shukla Paksha Panchami Tithi or the fifth day of the waxing phase of moon in Magh month.

Vitthal Rakhumai Yatra at Dhapewada near Nagpur in Maharashtra – Vitthal Rukmini Yatra

Vitthal Rakhumai Yatra at Dhapewada near Nagpur in Maharashtra is observed annually in Magh Month. Vitthal Rakhumai Yatra 2024 date is February 14. The yatra is organized to the  Vitthal Rukmini Temple at Dhapewada, which is dedicated to Lord Vithoba and Rukmini. Dhapewada   Town  is known as the Pandharpur of Vidarbha region. The annual yatra attracts thousands of people. Vitthal Rakhumai Yatra is observed on the Magh Shukla Paksha Panchami or the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon in Magh month as per traditional Hindu Marathi calendar followed in  Maharashtra .

Chaitanya Goswamis – Who are the Chaitanya Goswamis?

Who are the Chaitanya Goswamis? Chaitanya Goswamis are the disciples and followers of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The term is mainly used to refer to six disciples who lived in Vrindavan and spread Krishna Bhakti. The six goswamis are Rupa Goswami, Sanatana Goswami, Jiva Goswami, Raghunatha Dasa, Raghunatha Bhatta and Gopala Bhatta. Important Teachings of Chaitanya Goswamis They gave importance to combined worship of Radha and Krishna .   They created a devotional system which was a new form of Krishna bhakti. Devotion to Krishna was shown in four different ways – as a devoted servant (dasa), parent (vatsalya), friend (Sakha) or lover (premi or madhurya). Numerous literary works of Goswamis explore the four ways of Bhakti to Sri Krishna and also the philosophy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu sect. The main philosophical basis of the sect was laid down by Jiva Goswami. The six Goswamis had numerous followers who spread the teachings throughout India . Vrindavan Tem

Book – “The Great Temple of Madurai Meenakshi”

Book titled “The Great Temple of Madurai Meenakshi” is a tell-all guide of the world famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu. The book is written by Valayappettai Ra. Krishnan and is published by the Madurai Meenakshi Temple management in association with Universal Publishing, Chennai. The book narrates the salient features of the temple, its breathtaking architecture and festivals. The book is priced Rupees 600/-. The Hindu reports It is not just a temple, but a template of how Hindu Gods and Goddesses were finely blended with legendary tales and history through architecture.  Since every inch of space in this masterpiece carries encapsulating history and tradition, a comprehensive tell-all guide in English was a felt need to make global audience understand, feel and enjoy the greatness of this temple. This was fulfilled on the first day of the New Year when a book, titled ‘The Great Temple of Madurai Meenakshi,’ was released.  The book has 265 beautif

Fake or Real? – The Audio Recording of Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893

The world first connected with the real Hindu world and the original teachings of Sanatana Dharma when Swami Vivekananda addressed the first Parliament of the World’s Religions in  Chicago  on September 11, 1893. On the internet there is a video and audio recording of Swami Vivekananda addressing the parliament of religions held in Chicago in 1893. Many people have indicated that the voice recording is a fake one. M S Nanjundiah in the August 2010 issue of The Vedanta Kesari categorically states that there was no technology available in 1893 to record the opening address at the Chicago Parliament of Religions in 1893. Here are some of his findings: … reviewed the position regarding the technology available in US in 1893 for voice recording and the manner in which the recordings were made—record making required the person to speak into a mouthpiece attached to a diaphragm which was connected to a stylus that etched vibration patterns from a sound source on a rotating cylinder

Documentary film on Swami Vivekananda – Watch it online for free

Swami Vivekananda needs no introduction but how much do we know about this most popular saint of modern India . This documentary film with some rare film footages in 1 hour and 6 minutes with and excellent voice over is a good introduction into the life and teaching of Swami Vivekananda. You can watch in online for free on Youtube. Link – Documentary Swami Vivekananda on Youtube

Soul of man is part of the cosmic energy that exists, which is God – Swami Vivekananda

This Self, being beyond the little universe of matter and force and thought, is a simple; and as a simple It cannot die. That which does not die cannot live. For life and death are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Life is another name for death, and death for life. One particular mode of manifestation is what we call life; another particular mode of manifestation of the same thing is what we call death. When the wave rises on the top it is life; and when it falls into the hollow it is death. If anything is beyond death, we naturally see it must also be beyond life. I must remind you of the first conclusion that the soul of man is part of the cosmic energy that exists, which is God. We now find that it is beyond life and death. You were never born, and you will never die. Have faith in yourselves. Know that though one may be a little bubble and another may be a mountain-high wave, yet behind both the bubble and the wave there is the infinite ocean. Swami Vivek