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Janani Mata Yatra at Vivar near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra

Janani Mata Yatra is annually observed in Magh month. The yatra, fair and festival is dedicated to the Janani Mata form of Mother Goddess Shakti. The main rituals are organized at the Janani Mata at Vivar near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. Janani Mata Yatra 2018 date is January 22.
Hundreds of people attend this annual festival. The yatra includes various pujas and other rituals. Goddess Janani is an important concept in Shaktism.
Janani Mata Yatra is annually observed on Magh Shukla Paksha Panchami Tithi or the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon in Magh month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Raul Maharaj Punyatithi at Pinguli near Kudal

Raul Maharaj Punyatithi is annually observed in Paush month. It is the death anniversary of Raul Maharaj a great saint and philosopher who helped people from all walks of life. Raul Maharaj Punyatithi 2018 date is January 8.
People believed that Raul Maharaj had divine powers. He traveled to many villages helping people.
A temple dedicated to Raul Maharaj is located at Pinguli near Kudal in Maharashtra.
Raul Maharaj Punyatithi is observed on Paush Krishna Paksha Saptami Tithi or the 7th day during the waning phase of moon in Paush month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra.

What happens after death? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Answers

What happens after death is the mind gets freed from the body, the spirit. The mind has memory and intelligence, so these two things become like a balloon. The karma, the deepest impressions form a balloon. It is like in sleep.
Death is nothing but a long sleep. Before going to sleep, see the last thought that you get, and as soon as you wake up, see what is the first thought that comes. Have you noticed? It will variably be the same though.
So the physical body decays and the pranic body with all the impressions forms a balloon and leaves the body and hangs around.
Don’t imagine a balloon hanging around! It is a light; an energy.
I will give you the best example. In a television station, they conduct a program and then they transmit it through the dish and the program remains in the atmosphere – it is the same way.
Like that every soul is a particular frequency and every thumb is different because a thumb is like a particular cell phone chip.
So after death, every individual ene…