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Extra Month in Hindu Calendar in 2015 – Adhik Mahina 2015 - Adhika Maas

Adhik Mahina or an extra month is added to traditional Hindu lunar calendar once in 2.5 years. In 2015 Hindu calendar, there is an Adhik Masa or an extra month. This Adhik Mahina is from June 17, 2015 to July 16, 2015 and this is Adhik Ashada Mahina. The Adhik Mahina concept is followed in calendars followed in North India, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
Why is an Adhik Mahina or extra month added? The Hindu calendar in some regions is a lunar calendar and is based on the cycles of the Moon. A lunar month is around 29.5 days long. The lunar year consists of 354 solar days but a solar year consists of 365 days. So, as years pass by each lunar month starts earlier to the corresponding solar month. There is a difference of 11 days between the lunar and solar year. In every two or three solar years the difference between the two calendars becomes a full month or around 29 days. To compensate and get the two calendars similar an extra month is added.

Vasishta Siddhant…

The 14 worlds as per Hindu Scriptures

The 14 worlds of the universe are mentioned in Hindu scriptures like the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. The fourteen worlds are:
Satyaloka Tapoloka Janaloka Maharloka Bhuvarloka Bhumandala Atala Vitala Sutala Talatala Mahatala Rastala Patala.
Sometimes the 14 worlds of the universe are imagined to be the body of the Supreme Truth.
Satyaloka is the head; Tapoloka is the neck Janaloka is the breast Maharloka is the right chest Svarloka is the left chest Bhuvarloka is the navel Bhu-Mandala is the hips Atala is the waist Vitala is the thighs Sutala is the knees Talatala is the shanks Mahatala is the ankles Rastala is the upper portion of the feet Patala is the soles of the feet.
The first seven worlds are above earth and the last seven are below earth.
Maharloka, Janaloka and Tapoloka are places where great sages reside. Satyaloka is the abode of Brahma. Dhruvaloka is the polestar. Bhu-Mandala is the circle of earth.
The below worlds are ruled by various rulers including demons.

Sati Baijabai Yatra at Mundgaon near Akola in Maharashtra

Sati Baijabai Yatra is annually held on Paush Amavasi day at Mundgaon near Akola in Maharashtra. Sati Baijabai Yatra 2018 date is January 16.
Sati Baijabai was a follower of the great saint Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon.
The annual yatra attracts thousands of people. It held to the SatiBaijabaiTemple at Mundgaon.
Sati Baijabai Yatra is annually held on Paush Amavasi day or no moon day in Paush month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Vyatipata Yoga July 2016 Date and Time

Vyatipata Yoga, also known as Vyatipat Yog, is an inauspicious period in Tithi or day as per Hindu calendar and Panchang. It is bad for new beginnings etc. In July 2016 there is Vyatipata Yoga date and time – July 8 and July 9. All good activities are avoided during the period. The time period of Vyatipat is known as a period of calamity.
Detail time of Vyatipata Yoga in July 2016
4:02 PM on July 8 to 3:33 PM on July 9
The popular belief is that things performed during the period will face reversals.
Those people who were born during the Vyatipata Yoga period might face difficulties in life as per Hindu astrology. The solution is to offer prayers to Ganesha.

New Accommodation at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple - Yatri Nivas to Accommodate 1000 Devotees

New modern accommodation at Srirangam SriRanganathaswamyTemple is located west of SrirangamTemple on the banks of KollidamRiver. The Yatri Nivas can accommodate more than 1000 devotees. Apart from direct booking, Devotees could also book accommodation through the temple website - Srirangam. Deccan Chronicle reports About 98 double bedrooms and 24 cottages with twin bedrooms each apart this yatri nivas has dormitories. It has a herbal garden to highlight the significance of medicinal plants.  The tariffs for the rooms have been kept at a nominal price to ensure the devotees benefited and also had hassle-free stay in the temple town during their sojourn. The tariff for cottage is Rs 1,750, a/c double room: Rs 750 and for non-a/c it is Rs 500. The dormitory accommodation is available on payment of Rs 100.  The Tamil Nadu state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department has established Yatri Nivas.

Pleasure and pain are in the mind only – Swami Sivananda

What is pleasure for you is pain for another man. What is pleasure for you now is pain after some time. The first two cups of milk give you pleasure. The third cup induces disgust, nausea, and retching. Milk does not give pleasure during fever. Therefore, pleasure is not in the objects, but in the imagination or inclination of the mind.
Pleasure and pain, beauty and ugliness, are all false imaginations of the mind.
Mind is a false, illusory product. Conceptions of the mind also must, therefore, be false.
Pleasure and pain are in the mind only. It is subjective. Things, when longed for, are pleasant; but are bitter if not longed for. Desires are the cause for pleasures.
You can convert pleasure into pain and pain into pleasure by thinking, by Bhavana, by imagination. Many vegetarian students who have gone to England to prosecute their studies have become inveterate meat-eaters. Meat was very repulsive to them when they were in India. Mere sight used to induce vomiting. How is it they …