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Makara in Hinduism – Hybrid Aquatic Animal Which Looks Like a Crocodile

In Hinduism, Makara is the vehicle of Goddess Ganga, Varuna and Kamdev or Kama. It is today depicted as a crocodile. But it is an hybrid aquatic animal with the body of a crocodile, tail of a fish and sometimes with a trunk. The fish tail sometimes has feathery fronds depicting vegetation.

It symbolically represents the life giving and sustaining force of water. The nourishing powers of water, which feeds and sustains all living beings.

Today Makara is closely associated with Goddess Ganga.

Varuna, Vedic God, is the Lord of the seas and ocean.

Kama, or Kamdev, is the god of love. Makara is also associated with his consort Rati.

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