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Dadhichi Jayanti

Dadhichi Jayanti is dedicated to Sage Dadhichi an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and a descendent of Sage Angira. Sage Dadhichi is believed to have born on the Shukla Ashtami day (waxing phase of moon) in the Bhadrapad month (August – September). In 2024, the date of Dadhichi Jayanti is September 11.

Legend has it that Devas (Demigods) who were losing a battle to the Asuras (Demons) was advised to fight with weapons made using the bones of Sage Dadhichi to win the battle. Devas requested Sage Dadhichi for his bones. The humble saint readily agreed and went into a deep meditation and his soul merged with Brahman. The Devas then made use of the bones of Sage Dadhichi to fight the Asuras and emerged victorious.

Dadhich Samaj observes the Maharishi Dadhichi and special pujas are held on the day.

The story of Sage Dadhichi and Vajrayudha