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Teachings From Murugan And Avvaiyar Conversation

A small collection of teachings from Murugan - Avvaiyar conversation.

Murugan asks: Oh Avvai, what is Rare?

Avvaiyar: Rare (or more difficult to attain) is to become a human being.

Murugan asks: Oh Avvai, what is Worst? 

Avvaiyar: Worst is poverty. Even worst is the Childhood poverty. Much worse is an incurable disease. Worse than that is a wife without love, much worse than that is to willfully eating food given by her.

Murugan asks: Oh Avvai, what is Great? 

Avvaiyar: The greatest is the glory of the Shiva`s devotees. 

Murugan asks: Oh Avvai, what is Sweeter? 

Avvaiyar: Sweeter is Solitude; Sweeter than that is praying; Sweeter than that is to be in the company of knowledgeable people.

This last quote reflects a progression of experiences, each increasing in sweetness or value. Let's expand on each component:
  1. Solitude: Solitude refers to being alone, disconnected from others. It can be a time for introspection, self-reflection, and inner peace. In the midst of solitude, one can find tranquility, freedom from distractions, and a deeper connection with oneself. It offers an opportunity to delve into personal thoughts, feelings, and desires without external influence.

  2. Prayer: Prayer is a form of communication with a higher power or deity, often associated with religious or spiritual practices. It involves expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, offering supplication, or simply connecting with the divine. Prayer can provide solace, comfort, and strength, as well as a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. It can be a deeply personal and meaningful experience, offering a sense of purpose and direction in life.

  3. Company of Knowledgeable People: Being in the company of knowledgeable individuals offers the opportunity for intellectual stimulation, learning, and growth. Knowledgeable people possess expertise, wisdom, and insights that can enrich one's understanding of various subjects and broaden their perspective. Engaging in discussions, debates, or collaborative endeavors with such individuals can foster critical thinking, creativity, and personal development. Moreover, it can create a supportive environment where ideas are exchanged, challenges are overcome, and aspirations are nurtured.

In summary, the quote suggests that while solitude, prayer, and the company of knowledgeable people each have their own sweetness or value, there is an increasing richness to be found in communal intellectual engagement and exchange.

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