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Siddheshwar Yatra in Solapur

Siddheshwar Yatra in Solapur in Maharashtra is annually held for four days to Siddheshwar Temple. In 2025, Siddheshwar Yatra in Solapur begins on January 13 and ends on January 16.

Siddheshwar is one among the most important teachers of the Lingayat sect. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva and is believed to have composed numerous devotional poems.

Siddheshwar Yatra in memory of a young girls’ devotion for Siddheshwar. Legend has it that a young girl wished to marry Siddheshwar after she was impressed by his teachings.

But Siddheshwar denied her permission to marry him. But the girl was adamant and finally Siddheshwar gave her permission to marry his Yoga Danda (stick held by yogis). This symbolic marriage function is annually held for four days and is known as Siddheshwar Yatra. The Nandi Dhwajas (flag mast) are presumed as bride and groom for the marriage.

The yatra is noted for the huge Rangolis that are drawn to welcome the yatras. Apart from the rituals, a huge fair is held for 15 days during the period. The yatra also witness a huge cattle fair.

Siddheshwar Yatra at Mangalwedha near Solapur
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