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Chaturveda Navaneetha Santhana Krishnan Temple at Ariyallur near Chennai – Four Vedas Depicted as Four Cows

Chaturveda Navaneetha Santhana Krishnan Temple is a unique temple located at Ariyallur near Manali in Northern Part of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna. Apart from the murti of Navaneetha Santhana Krishna – there are murtis of four cows symbolically representing the four Vedas. The temple also has a murti of Garuda, the vehicle of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. Deccan Chronicle reports The temple has been planned to have Ghosala (shelter for cows) at the temple and the devotees would be encouraged to pe­r­sonally feed them.  The cows, portraying the four Vedas, and also the idol of Santhana Krishnan were sculpted by Sthapathi Shankern­arayanan.  “Since the Vedic times importance has been attached to cows…all the gods are believed to reside in the body of Kamadhenu - the generic cow. Her four legs are the scriptural Vedas,” says Subramanian.  Apart from patronising Ghosala, steps would be taken to conduct Gho pujas, he said and added that thi