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Story of the Origin of Rudra in the Vedas

The story of the origin of Rudra is found in the Aitareya Brahmana. The legend narrates the emergence of Rudra. Aitareya Brahman is part of the Rig Veda and was authored by Rishi Aitareya.
One day Prajapati out of intense passion chased his own daughter. The daughter took the form of a doe (female deer) and tried to escape. Prajapati followed her in the form of a deer and made love to her.
Devas and other celestial beings did not like this act of Prajapati. But out of fear they did not question or punish Prajapati.
But the anger in the celestial beings separated from them and took the form of various body parts. They then amalgamated it to create a single ferocious being which came to be known as Rudra.
The celestial beings asked Rudra to kill Prajapati.
Rudra put a condition to perform the act that he should be made the chief of the animal world.
The celestial beings agreed and then Rudra shot an arrow hitting Prajapati.
Prajapati is the first born and the progenitor of all beings…

Chaturveda Navaneetha Santhana Krishnan Temple at Ariyallur near Chennai – Four Vedas Depicted as Four Cows

ChaturvedaNavaneethaSanthanaKrishnanTemple is a unique temple located at Ariyallur near Manali in Northern Part of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna. Apart from the murti of Navaneetha Santhana Krishna – there are murtis of four cows symbolically representing the four Vedas. The temple also has a murti of Garuda, the vehicle of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. Deccan Chronicle reports

The temple has been planned to have Ghosala (shelter for cows) at the temple and the devotees would be encouraged to pe­r­sonally feed them.  The cows, portraying the four Vedas, and also the idol of Santhana Krishnan were sculpted by Sthapathi Shankern­arayanan.  “Since the Vedic times importance has been attached to cows…all the gods are believed to reside in the body of Kamadhenu - the generic cow. Her four legs are the scriptural Vedas,” says Subramanian.  Apart from patronising Ghosala, steps would be taken to conduct Gho pujas, he said and added that this was for the first time tha…

God Can Only Be Known by Symbols Because In Its Ultimate Reality It Defies Logic and Exceeds Perception – Sri Aurobindo

The spirit who lies concealed behind the material world, has given us, through the inspiration of great seers, the Scriptures as helpers and guides to unapparent truth, lamps of great power that send their rays into the darkness of the unknown beyond which He dwells, tamasah parastat.
They are guides to knowledge, brief indications to enlighten us on our path, not substitutes for thought and experience.
They are shabdam Brahma, the Word, the oral expression of God, not the thing to be known itself nor the knowledge of Him.
Shabdam has three elements, the word, the meaning and the spirit. The word is a symbol, vak or nama; we have to find the artha, the meaning or form of thought which the symbol indicates.
But the meaning itself is only the indication of something deeper which the thought seeks to convey to the intellectual conception. For not only words, but ideas also are eventually no more than symbols of a knowledge which is beyond ideas and words. Therefore it comes that no …