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Gandharva Vivaha – Love Marriage in Hindu Tradition

Gandharva Vivaha is one of the eight forms of marriage accepted by Hindu sociological texts. As per Gandharva Vivaha, the mutual love and consent of the male and female are the only condition required to conduct marriage. The marriage takes its name from Gandharvas – demi gods in Hinduism.
One of the qualities of Gandharvas was that they can remain invisible to people but at the same time visible to those whom they liked. Gandharva Vivaha thus means a marriage that remains secret unless it is disclosed by the parties concerned.
Gandharva Vivaha only needs the permission of the boy and the girl. It can be performed even without any marriage ceremonies.
Ashvalayana Grahyasutra states that Gandharva Vivaha falls under the category of Adharmya Vivaha as it does not help the ancestors of the bride and the groom to attain Moksha.
Gandharva Vivaha is based on the faith that the bride and the groom have on each other. In many cases Gandharva Vivaha is the result of strong physical attract…

Australia's National Museum to Return 900-year-old Nataraja Murti to India

A 900-year-old Nataraja Murti which was stolen from India will be returned to India. Nataraja, the dancing murti of Shiva, is currently in Australia's NationalMuseum. The murti was purchased from a person now arrested for stealing several murtis of Hindu Gods and Goddesses from various temples in India. The Telegraph reports 
Australia’s national art museum will return a prized 900-year-old dancing Shiva to India after it emerged the £2.8 million statuette – purchased from disgraced international art dealer Subhash Kapoor – was stolen and smuggled out of south India. The National Gallery of Australia has for months resisted Indian pleas to return the sculpture and other works which Indian officials insisted were stolen.

But the gallery has now accepted the items were stolen after Kapoor’s New York-based assistant admitted to involvement in the sale of 150 looted items, some of which dated back 2,000 years.

One cannot realize God without the faith that knows no guile – Sri Ramakrishna

Heinous sins — the sins of many births and accumulated ignorance—all disappear in the twinkling of an eye through the grace of God. When light enters a room that  has been kept dark, does a thousand year’s darkness go little by little or instantly? Of course, at the mere touch of light all the darkness disappears.
It is on account of the ego that one is not able to see God. In front of the door of God's mansion lies the stump of ego. One cannot enter the mansion without jumping over the stump.
The ego seems to vanish this moment, but it reappears the next. Unless one enounces the ego, one does not receive the grace of God.
When a man has true knowledge he feels that everything is filled with Consciousness.
One cannot realize God without the faith that knows no guile, the simple faith of a child.
Sri Ramakrishna