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Story Of Sri Krishna And Banasur

Story of Sri Krishna and Banasur is found in the Mahabharata (Sabha Parva Chapter 38) and Srimad Bhagavad Purana (Chapter X 61 – 63). Banasur was the son of pious king Mahabali (who was pushed to netherworld by Vamana Avatar of Vishnu). He ruled from the city of Sonitapura . To become invincible, Banasur performed severe penance dedicated to Shiva. After several years, Shiva appeared before his devotee and offered him two boons. Banasur asked for thousand hands to fight his enemies as his first boon and it was granted. As his second boon, he wanted Shiva to guard the city of Sonitapura . This boon was also granted. With such huge powers in his disposal, the demon wanted to fight with Shiva. A smiling Mahadev evaded Banasur by saying that he would meet his worthy foe pretty soon. Banasur had a beautiful daughter named Usha. She once had a dream of a very handsome prince and fell deeply in love with him. Even after waking up, Usha was immersed in the prince and

Sri Krishna Jayanti Thoughts and Quotes by Hindu Blog

Sri Krishna appeared on earth to show us the perfect man. He is the ideal person to emulate to live in the society. He is the Upanishad man. He is the eternal teacher – who has been transforming the lives of millions of Arjunas. He does not impose his ideas and teachings. Instead He gives us the freedom to think and to act independently. He wants us to celebrate life by upholding Dharma. This is why Sri Krishna has friends, lovers but not followers. Sri Krishna showed us the way to live in the society. To enjoy each phase of life to the fullest. To be sincere and honest in relationships. Look at child Krishna – he was the naughtiest, mischievous, loving, doting – he did not hold back. He lived in the moment. Krishna was sincere and honest to the present without bothering about past and future. As a son, brother, friend, lover, husband, guide… all the roles that he took in his life span on earth are an example for us to follow. It contains valuable lessons for us to lead a