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Why is Ganesha the Lord of Obstacles?

An interesting story in the Skanda Purana mentions why Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles? – One who removes obstacles and one who creates obstacles. It is said that all kinds of people attained moksha as a result of visiting the SomeshwaraTemple (Somnath temple in Gujarat) – due to a boon granted by Shiva to Soma (moon god). People stopped all sort of ascetic practices, austerities and sacrifices. All sinners were purified by visiting Somnath. This caused imbalance in the universe.
Indra, the king of Devas, wanted to find a solution to the problem and approached Shiva. He said He could not change the boon given to Soma. Shiva directed Indra to Goddess Parvati.
Goddess Parvati gauged the situation and Mother Goddess decided to rectify the imbalance.
She slowly rubbed Her body and from Her body appeared a four-armed divine being with an elephant head. This was Ganesha.
Ganesha was asked to create obstacles in the path of sinners who visited SomnathTemple to attain Moksha. Ganesha thus c…

Hindu Marriage Act Applies only if domiciled in India

The supreme court of India has ruled that Hindu Marriage Act applies to Hindu couples residing in other countries or holding citizenship of other countries only if there is proof of domicile in India. India Today reports An SC bench said the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 can have extra-territorial operation on non-Indian Hindu couples or on couples residing in other countries only if they are domiciled in India.  The judgment assumes relevance for Hindu couples of Indian origin as it removes confusion created by conflicting opinions by different high courts in the country. The law is often invoked by women who settle abroad after marriage but come back to India after estrangement and take to legal recourse.  The SC said it did not agree with judgments by the Calcutta, Rajasthan and Kerala HCs holding that the Hindu Marriage Act applied to all Hindu couples around the world, irrespective of the fact that they were domiciled in India or not.  Since the HCs took religion to be the nexus, they …

Shaileshwar Shiva – Story of Shaileshwar Shivling

Story of Shaileshwar Shiva is found in the Kashi Khand of Skanda Purana. Temple housing the Shaileshwar Shivling is located in Varanasi. As Shaileshwar, Shiva is the Lord of the mountains. Legend has it that Giri Raj, the king of mountains, and father of Goddess Parvati once paid visit to Shiva and Goddess Parvati at Kashi.
When Giri Raj reached Kashi it was night. He then thought of building a temple dedicated Shiva in a night. He assembled all highly sculptures, artisans and workers.
The workers were so efficient that they built a temple in a single night. Giri Raj then installed a Shivling in the temple and named it Shaileshwar. He then left Kashi feeling extremely satisfied.
Shiva Ganas who were surprised to a see temple built overnight reported the matter to Shiva.
Shiva and Goddess Parvati reached the temple and realized that the temple was built by Giri Raj. Goddess Parvati was so pleased that she asked Shiva to be present in the Shivling.
It is stated that those that who obs…