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Trilochaneshwar Shiva – Shiva as Trilochan

Trilochaneshwar is one among the numerous names of Shiva. Shiva as Trilochan is the three-eyed one – he who is present in the past, present and future. Shiva is worshipped in the form of Trilochaneshwar in a temple in Kashi (Varanasi). Trilochan Shivling is found in the TrilochaneshwarTemple in the Trilochan Ghat in Varanasi.
Trilochaneshwar is the eye of all the Shivlings in the world.
It is believed that uttering the name Trilochan cleanses sins and one attains mukhti.

Legend has it that if a person commits sin anywhere in the world, the person will get redemption in Kashi. But if a person commits sin in Kashi, the person will get redemption only by chanting the name of Trilochaneshwar.

Sri Ramakrishna on God and the Universe through the Metaphor of Bel Fruit

Sri Ramakrishna sums up with a simple illustration the truth of the unified ultimate Reality and the multiplicity of the manifest universe: ‘…he who has attained God knows that it is God who has become all this. Then he sees that God, Maya, living beings and the universe form one whole. God includes the universe and its living beings.’
He goes on to give the illustration of a bel fruit:
Suppose you have separated the shell, flesh, and a seed of a bel-fruit and someone asks you the weight of the fruit. Will you leave aside the shell and the seeds, and weigh only the flesh? Not at all. To know the real weight of the fruit, you must weigh the whole of it—the shell, the flesh and the seeds. Only then can you tell its real weight.
Sri Ramakrishna explains this metaphor: The shell may be likened to the universe, and the seeds to living beings. While one is engaged in discrimination one says to oneself that the universe and living beings are non-Self and unsubstantial. At that time one th…