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Demons Shuka and Sarana in the Guise of Monkeys to Spy on Vanarasena

When Sri Ram reached the shores of Lanka, Ravana deputed two demons Shuka and Sarana to spy on the Vanarasena. They put on the guise of monkeys and decided to spy on the army of Rama. This incident is mentioned in the Yudha Kandha of Ramayana.
The varanasena was so huge that it was impossible to gauge the beginning and end of the army. They tried to gather as much information as possible. The army of Rama was countless. They saw bears and monkeys all around. All of them efficient in the art of warfare.
But their luck ran out when they were spotted by Vibhishana. He at once realized that the two are spies of Ravana and got hold of them.
Shuka and Sarana were trembling in fear and they were taken to the presence of Rama.
Rama was amused by their fear and decided to set them free. He was so generous that he offered them to be taken around the army so that they can learn more about the Vanarasena.
Rama then asked Vibhishana to release the two spies.

Rama asked them to go back to Lanka a…

Fridays in Sravana Masam in Telugu Calendar

Fridays in Sravana Masam is Telugu Calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh is dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakti. Devotees visit shrines dedicated to various manifestations of Mother Goddess Shakti in the month. Nearly 100,000 devotees visit the Kanakadurga temple atop Indrakeeladri Hill.
Devotees offer prayers for peace and prosperity. Youngsters offer prayers for good job and good partner. Young women offer prayers for early marriage, progress in career and good husband.
Vara Lakshmi puja is also observed on Friday in this month.

Many temples give away blouse pieces and bangles as ‘prasadam’ to the devotees.

Mutharamman Temple at Kulasekarapattinam in Tamil Nadu

MutharammanTemple at Kulasekarapattinam in Tamil Nadu is around 12 km from Tiruchendur and 60 km from Thoothukudi. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and Shiva. Although the main deity in the temple is Swayambhu Shivling – importance is given go Goddess Parvathi as Mutharamman.
The temple is located on the sea shore and Shiva and Goddess Parvati are in the same sanctum sanctorum and faces north.
The most important festivals in the temple are Navratri and Aadi Festival. In the three-day Aadi festival, Shiva and Parvathi appear as Kuravan and Kurathi.
Like other forms of Mother Goddess, Mutharamman hears the prayers of her devotees and cures diseases. The temple is also famous as many mentally retarded people found relief after offering prayers here. Another belief is that Goddess Mutharamman helps devotees in overcoming loss in agriculture and business.
The puja rituals in the temple are in line with the famous MaduraiMeenakshiTemple.
MutharammanTemple Daily Puja Timi…

Shiva as Ashtamurti

Ashtamurti is one among the numerous names of Shiva. Shiva as Ashtamurti is existence. He is the force behind the living. As Ashtamurti, Shiva is the creative force and life behind everything that exists. He is the one who decides when a life form undergoes transformation and takes a new form – which we refer to as death and birth.
Shiva is known as Ashtamurti because He pervades the earth, water, air, fire, sky, sun, moon and living beings. Earth, water, air, fire and sky are together the five elements or Panchabhootas.
Shiva as Ashtamurti is the cosmos. Everything in it rises from him and goes back to him.
As Ashtamurti, Shiva dances revealing time and eternity. The dance subdues and controls Yama, the god of death.
Ashtamurti is depicted as dancing with a Veena and one of his hands is in the Chinmudra.

Kalidasa identifies Ashtamurti with Ardhanarishvara.

Panchadasi Valuable Lessons

Teachings from Panchadasi of Sage Vidyaranya
The Shruti says that entering into different bodies the supreme Self assumes different forms. Vyasa, the author of the Brahma-Sutras, wrote the Sutra which illustrates the entry of Brahman into the bodies by the example of the sun (taking different forms) when reflected in different water-vessels.
The supreme Self, though one only, exists in every object. Like the moon reflected in water, though one It appears as many.
The moon which is reflected in water is faint in muddy water and clear in pure water. Similarly Brahman is two-fold according to the quality of the of the mind.
When a man has desires for houses, lands and other objects then because of the agitated quality of this desire which is an effect of Rajas, there is no happiness for him.

There is misery in thinking whether it will succeed; in failure this misery increases; when there are obstacles to success, anger arises or if opposed, hatred.

If the opposition is too formidable to …