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Story of Demon Ayomukhi and Lakshman in Ramayana

Story of Demoness Ayomukhi and Lakshman is found in the Aranya Kanda of Ramayana. Sita is kidnapped and the two brothers start a frantic search for her. They meet Jatayu who was mortally injured by Ravana. He gives them the direction in which Ravana carried Sita away.
The brothers were now walking towards South. The passed through the dense forest of Dandaka forest. Then they reached a forest named Krauncharanya. Here they came across a deep cave. In the mouth of the cave they saw a Rakshasi named Ayomukhi.
The demoness was huge in size and fearful to look at. She approached Lakshman and expressed her desire to marry him.
Lakshman who was tormented by the kidnapping of Sita had no patience. He took out his sword and severed her nose, ears and breasts.

The Rakshasi ran away from the spot.

Mandaikadu Temple – Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Temple

MandaikaduBhagavathiAmmanTemple is a popular temple dedicated to Mother Goddess Shakthi near Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu. A 15 feet tall anthill is worshipped as Bhagavathi Amman. The anthill has five heads and the belief is that it is still growing. Currently the anthill has the height of 12 feet.
There is a belief that the Mandaikadu Bhagavathi Amman Murti stands on the spot where Adi Shankaracharya performed puja to a Sri Chakra.
The face of the murti of Bhagavati Amman can be seen at the upper end of the anthill. There is also a Sri Chakra installed in the sanctum sanctorum. The temple is built in the Kerala style of temple architecture.
Major Offering in the Temple
Silk clothes and mangalsutra are offered to the Goddess for early and good marriage. Those having problems with hand or legs or other body parts offer body parts made using silver.
Those suffering from headache and other ailments associated with head offer Mandaiappam a sweet made using rice flour and jaggery.
Those couples…

Gudimallam Shivalingam – The Story of One of the Oldest Shivlings in the World

One of the oldest surviving Shivling in the world is located at the ParashurameshvaraTemple in Chittor District in Andhra Pradesh. The temple is more than 2,200 years old and is around 25 km east of Tirupati. Gudimallam Shivalingam is believed to be a manifestation of the Trimurtis, with Brahma at the bottom, Vishnu in the middle and Shiva on top. There is an interesting story which narrates the origin of the Gudimallam Shivalingam.
Legend has it that Parashuram’s mother Renuka was suspected of infidelity by her husband Sage Jamadagni. The Sage ordered Parashurama to behead his mother. Parashurama obeyed his father and when Sage Jamadagni wanted to reward his son, Parashurama asked him to bring his mother back to life. And she was brought back to life.

But Parashurama could not overcome the guilt of beheading his mother and he felt remorse for his act. As a penance, he was advised by other Rishis to worship Shiva at Gudimallam.
After searching for several days, Parashurama found the …

Words of Encouragement – Swami Chinmayananda

Words of encouragement from Swami Chinmayananda

Be strong – note merely a physical strength of a bull – but the subtle vitality of a calm mind diligent in its application, consistent in its logical thinking, replete with a will to win over all negative tendencies that poison and weaken the mind.

Declare yourself Non-Victim. Many have in them a sense of I am a victim of hate, ill luck, destiny, sorrow, disaster etc. Stop it all. Roar the truth. I am the child of the Lord. He cannot ever deny me.

Introspect daily. Detect diligently. Negate ruthlessly. Substitute wisely.

In all worthwhile undertakings, there will be risks of failure, of disappointments, of even disaster. To face them all with inner poise and firm faith is to discover the glory of final victory.
Swami Chinmayananda