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Raja Durga Temple – Tiruvarur Raja Durga Temple

Raja Durga Temple is a separate shrine inside the Sri Thiyagaraja Temple at Thiruvarur and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The murti of Goddess Durga is seated on a lion and she faces east. She provides peace and prosperity to all devotees. Fridays in the Aadi month are highly auspicious. The temple is located in the Tirumanjanam Street in Tiruvarur town The murti of Raja Durga is four-armed and holds conch, discus, sword and trident. She wears a crescent moon on the head. The popular belief is that those people born in Hast Nakshatra get all sort of relief after visiting the Raja Durga Temple . The belief is that Rahu resides inside the murti of Goddess Durga. Darshan timing at Raja Durga Temple 7:00 AM to 12.30 PM 5:00 PM to 9.00 PM

Atharva Veda – Read Online with Text, Meaning and Commentary in Hindi

Atharva Veda in Hindi is provided by the official website of Aryasamaj Jamnagar. You can read Atharva Veda in Hindi online text, meaning and commentary.  Please note that this is not in pdf format and there is no download option. The online version of the Atharva Veda is the Hindi translation of it from Sanskrit. Pages from the Hindi translation book have been scanned to create this online version. You can read the  Atharva Veda Online in Hindi here atthe official website of Aryasamaj Jamnagar.

The Bull of Shiva: About Nandi the Vehicle of Lord Shiva

Nandi, or Nandin, is a white bull constantly associated with Lord Shiva. It is Shiva’s vehicle. A murti of Nandi is found in almost all Shiva Temples. The bull is seated in front of the sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) and is the guard or doorkeeper or gatekeeper. Puranas associated with Shiva, details about the role played by Nandi as guard. He is also the chief of Shiva’s ganas (attendants) and Nandishwara is another name of Lord Shiva. Nandi means ‘causing gladness.’ Nandi is always represented as quiet and benign. He also symbolically represents sexual energy tamed by Shiva. The disciplined bull, which is calm and docile, symbolizes Dharma, an image of controlled power. He is also considered to be the guardian of four-legged animals. The image of Nandi is often placed outside the sanctum sanctorum facing the Linga or the murti of Shiva. Sometimes the images are found on the corners of the sanctuary of Shiva temples. In North India , Shiva is also depicted a