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Anandamurti Gurumaa – Words of Wisdom

Life is meant to be lived in a wonderful way.  Life is not given to us to sulk and be sad and be miserable all the time. However, if you do not live well, then definitely it is guaranteed that you are going to suffer a lot. But if you are trained well, if you use your wisdom then you may have the most unfortunate and difficult situations in your life and yet you will remain calm because you know that the scene is soon going to change.

The biggest pilgrimage is moving towards your own centre. Exploration of your own self is the biggest pilgrimage.
We live in a very artificial world. We have artificial selves, we have artificial things around and that is the reason people feel so discontented and dejected.
The moment you begin to think about your mind, about your consciousness, about the level of your emotions, about the way you are living your life – that is the turning point. From that point onwards, no one can hold you and you will just grow and grow and grow…and finally reach the p…