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Story of the Birth of Sage Parashara

Sage Parashara, who is credited with the famous Parasara Samhita, is the father of Sage Veda Vyasa. The story of the birth of the Sage is very interesting. Sage Parashara was the son of Sage Shakti and his wife Adrsyanti. Sage Shakti was the son of Sage Vasishta.

Legend has it that once a king named Kalmasapada met Sage Shakti in the forest on a narrow path. False pride made both of them not to give way to each other. The king got angry and whipped the Sage. The Sage who was overtaken by anger cursed the king to become a demon.
This incident happened when Sage Vishwamitra had intense grudge towards Sage Vasishta.
Sage Vishwamitra who came to know about the incident took advantage of the situation and admitted a fierce demon name Kimkara into the body of the King. The king now became a puppet of the Sage.
The demon killed and devoured all the sons of Vasishta including Sage Shakti.
A saddened Sage Vasishta lost all hopes that all his teachings will be lost forever. He had taught all …

Compassion is the love one feels for all beings of the world and it is an attitude of equality – Sri Ramakrishna

The jiva is nothing but the embodiment of Satchidananda. But since Maya, or ego, has created various upaadhis (masks of names and forms), he has forgotten his real Self.

When one attains perfect knowledge, then one finds that dying and killing are one and same thing, that is to say, both are unreal.
Remember that daya, compassion, and Maya attachment, are two different things. Attachment means the feeling of ‘my-ness’ toward one’s relatives…Compassion is the love one feels for all beings of the world. It is an attitude of equality…But one thing should be remembered: Maya keeps us in ignorance (of our divine nature) and entangles us in the world, whereas daya makes our hearts pure and gradually unties our bonds and attachments. Sri Ramakrishna