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Bindu in Hinduism – the concept

Bindu is translated as a drop or dot. In appearance, it is a dot but in Hindu teachings it represents that which has no limits or boundaries; the timeless – the source of all manifestation. Like many teachings in Hinduism, the concept of Bindu needs to be realized by a devotee. Words cannot fully convey the concept. Bindu has numerous, meanings and definition in Tantrism. It is also equated with the Mother Goddess in certain school of teaching. Thus Bindu is Devi – the eternal source – from which everything appears and in which everything merges.

Bindu also denotes the source of the sacred sound – OM – that reverberates across the galaxies.
Certain Yantras and other ritual patterns have a Bindu at their center. The significance of it varies from patterns to patterns.
For some Bindu represents individual soul.
For some Bindu is the infinite on which they can meditate.

Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival 2013 – Held once in 12 Years at the famous Vaikom Mahadeva temple in Kerala

Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival, dedicated to Goddess Shakti, is a series of pujas and rituals held for social welfare once in 12 years at the famous VaikomMahadevaTemple in Kerala. In 2013, Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival will be held from April 13 to 24. The 12-day long pujas attract devotees from several parts of Kerala, India and the world.

A major attraction at Vadakkupurathu Pattu is the creation of an image of Goddess Shakti in the traditional Kalamezhuthu style. The image created on the ground will change on each day and will depict various forms and moods of Goddess Shakti.
The image of Goddess Shakti (known as Bhagavathi in Kerala) is created on the ground. Five natural colors are used in making the image on the ground at the huge northern courtyard of the temple. Grounded grains, turmeric and flower petals are used to make the powder used in drawing the image of the Bhagavathi.
Legend has it that the people in the area were once troubled by various epidemics including small po…

Holy Mother Sarada Devi Thoughts on Japa

Japa will eventually bring spiritual realization.

Do not give up Japa even if the mind is unwilling and unsteady. You must go on with the repetition. And you will find that the mind is getting gradually steadier – like a flame in a windless corner. Any movement in the air disturbs the steady burning of the flame; even so the presence of any thought or desire makes the mind unsteady. The Mantra must be correctly repeated. An incorrect utterance delays progress.
A single utterance of Lord’s name is as effective as a million repetitions of it, if only you do it with a steady, concentrated mind. What is the use of repeating a million times with an absent mind? You must do this whole-heartedly. Then only can you deserve His Grace.