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Why Krishna Moved Out of Mathura and Built His Kingdom in Dwarka?

After defeating Kansa, Krishna and Yadavas settled down peacefully in Mathura . But Jarasandha who was the father-in-law of Kansa did not accept Krishna . He decided to avenge the death of Kansa. Jarasandha ordered his army to attack Mathura . He wanted Mathura to be razed down and burnt. But Krishna and Balarama defended Mathura against the assault. Jarasandha attacked Mathura 17 times. Krishna and Balrama defended their kingdom each time. Jarasandha was preparing to attack Mathura 18th time. Krishna learnt that the army of Jarasandha this time will be led by Kalayavan. As per destiny, this commander was destined to destroy Mathura . Krishna who realized this asked all the people of Mathura to follow Him. From Mathura, Krishna and his followers moved towards west  and made their kingdom in Dwarka – an island. As Dwarka was protected by sea on all sides, Jarasandha could no longer attack the kingdom.

Vasistha Gita Quotes

A collection of quotes from Vasistha Gita. The great remedy for the long-lasting disease of samsara is the enquiry ‘who am I? To whom does the samsara belong’ which entirely cures it. The company of sages converts emptiness into fullness, death into immortality, and adversity into prosperity. All the arts acquired by men are lost by lack of practice. But the art of wisdom grows steadily once it rises. He who, not knowing his own self, takes pleasure in sense objects, is indeed an unfortunate person. He is like one who realizes very late that the food earlier eaten by him was poisonous. Vasishta Gita