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Understanding Kumbh Mela Festival – Thoughts and Quotes on the Greatest Festival on the Banks of Ganges

Millions of people will be performing holy bath at Prayag – Sangam (Allahabad in India) on the banks of GangesRiver starting from January 14, 2013. These millions arrive on the banks of Ganga without any persuasion, advertisement or force. They arrive on their own. The only force that draws them to the Sangam is Moksha or Liberation – to merge with the Supreme Truth and escape from endless birth and death.

Sangam is the confluence of River Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna. Sanagm or Prayag is the holiest place in Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). All Hindu scriptures talk about the greatness of Sangam.

Why Hinduism does not fit into the definition of religion set by western scholars is answered best during Kumbh Mela? Thousands of traditions, groups, rituals, prayers, practices, sects; different language, clothes, food, - it’s a festival of unity in diversity. Thousands of traditions arrive to become ONE at Sangam. The core teaching that brings them to banks of Ganga is that – there is only Tha…

Makar Sankranti Quotes and Thoughts from Hindu Blog

Makar Sankranti is all about light that removes darkness. Who is worshipped on Makar Sankranti – Sun (Surya)? Who is Surya? – Pratyaksha Brahman or the Visible God. We are offering prayers to that Sun whose physical presence is responsible for all life on earth. It is sort of a thanksgiving after the long and harsh winter.
Makar Sankranti and Moksha
By bathing on Makar Sankranti day in holy rivers we are not going to attain moksha. For attaining moksha we have to remove the darkness which is stopping us from realizing the truth in us – the truth present in all animate and inanimate.
When we realize that there is only Truth we attain moksha. Liberation is not after death but it has to happen while living on earth. And it can only happen when we realize that there is no second – only Brahman. When this happen desire, anger, ego, jealousy, competition drops and we become one with Brahman.