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Why Sugriva and Vali Became Enemies?

Sugriva and Vali were brothers. Vali ruled Kishkinda, the Vanar kingdom (monkey kingdom). The brothers loved each other but destiny made them enemies. Legend has it that once a demon named Mayavi came to Kishkinda and started killing monkeys and destroying fruit bearing trees.

Vali challenged Mayavai. The demon was no match to Vali in strength and he escaped and hid in a cave. Vali and Sugriva pursued the demon and challenged him in the cave.
Vali asked Sugriva to wait outside the cave. Several days passed and Sugriva heard roars from inside and breaking of rocks. Then one day there was silence inside the cave.
Sugriva did not hear the customary yelling of Vali after defeating his enemy. Suddenly Sugriva noticed blood coming out of the cave. Sugriva thought that Mayavi had killed Vali. To stop the Mayavi from escaping from the cave, Sugriva closed the mouth of the mountain with a huge rock.
Sugriva then reached Kishkinda and narrated what had happened. He then declared himself as the…

Makara Masam 2018 – Malayalam Makaram Month in 2018

Makara Masam, or Makaram, is the sixth month in a traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Makara Masam in 2018 begins on January 15, 2018 and ends on February 12, 2018. 
Other important festivals and auspicious days in the month include Makara Chovva or the first Tuesday in Makara month.

Makara Bharani is a major festival day at Goddess Bhagavati Temples in Kerala and is on January 25.

Madhva Navami is on January 26.
Thaipusam dedicated to Lord Subrahamania is on January 31.
Fasting - Vavu - Pournami Amavasya (Karutha Vavu) is on January 16 and January 17

Purnima or full moon day (Velutha Vavu) is on January 31

Ekadasi Fasting dates are January 28 and February 11.

Pradosham dates are January 14 and Janaury 29

Shasti fasting is on January 23.
Next month in Malayalam Calendar is the Kumbha Masam.

All great people have become great because of their love for others – Swami Chinmayananda

To a sincere devotee nothing is impossible. Mere devotion alone is not sufficient. Devotion to the Lord must be ever dancing in our heart, and our hands and legs must sweat in work, our head (intellect) must think well, and thus, ‘holding on’ to Him in love, let us use all the faculties and powers. He has so lovingly given us. Then no one can fail. No one will lose. None can come to sorrow.
All great people have become great because of their love for others. They gained greatness because they learnt to love.
The lord is the sheer embodiment of love. If we understand what love is, teach ourselves to love all, we have served our Lord. There is no puja greater than that, no tapas more effective.
Love is an ability, a capacity in our minds, which is to be systematically cultivated. Once the faculty of love has developed, thereafter, we have the total freedom to love, and any situation is a fertile field for the cultivation of our love. Swami Chinmayananda