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Hanuman Standing on Demons

There are numerous murtis (idols), sculptures and paintings of Hanuman stamping on demons. One of the most famous painting and sculpture of Hanuman standing on demon is that of him tramping on panvati (bad astrological influence). Others demons are identified as Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Indrajit (Meghnad), Kalanemi and Mahiravana.

It is believed by most Hanuman devotees that Hanuman had on one or more occasions defeated the above said demons.
Panvati, or Panoti, is a demon mentioned in Puranas and she symbolically represents the all the bad astrological influences caused by the Navgrahas or nine planets. The most popular image of Panvati is that of Hanuman trampling on her. This means that Hanuman can remove all the bad astrological influences.
Mahiravana who had kidnapped Sri Ram and Lakshman was defeated by Hanuman. (You can read the story here).
Kalanemi was defeated by Hanuman when he was on his way to get Mrita Sanjeevani. (You can read the story here).

Watch Birthday Celebrations of Holy Mother Sarada Devi Live From Belur Math – Sarada Devi Jayanti Puja Online

On the holy occasion of the birthday of Holy Mother Sarada Devi, Ramakrishna Mission has organized numerous spiritual programs. The main celebrations of the Sarada Devi Jayanti is held at Belur Math. You can watch the pujas live from Belur Math Online.

Link - Birthday Celebrations of Holy Mother Sarada Devi Live From Belur Math
Live streaming is also available on mobiles and ipads.

Lessons from Swami Vivekananda

Intellect has been cultured; result, hundreds of sciences have been discovered, and their effect has been that the few have made slaves of the many – that is all the good that has been done.
Artificial wants have been created; and every poor man, whether he has money or not, desires to have those wants satisfied and when he cannot, he struggles and dies in the struggle. This is the result.
Through the intellect is not the way to solve the problem of misery but through the heart.
If all this vast amount of effort had been spent in making men purer, gentler and more forbearing, this world would have a thousand fold more happiness than it has today. Swami Vivekananda