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Akshauni – Army Combination in Ancient Hindu World

Akshauni is an army combination used in war in ancient Hindu world. Akshauni is mentioned in the Mahabharata. It is said that in the Great War in the Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata, 11 Akshaunis fought on the side of the Kauravas and seven Akshauni fought on the side of the Pandavas.

The number of animals, chariots and humans in a Akshauni is 218, 700.
The Akshauni consists of
21, 870 Chariots
21, 870 Elephants
65, 610 horsemen
109, 350 foot soldiers.
The number of horsemen used to be three times of chariots.
The number of foot soldiers used to be 5 times that of the number of chariots.

Online – Postal Vedic Mathematics Course from Chinmaya Mission

Chinmaya international foundation has launched a new online – postal Vedic Mathematics Course. There are 24 lessons in this Course which are to be completed in 9 months. This Course is for anyone seeking to improve their mathematical skills, the ancient Indian way.

The course is available online and postal. The course fee for students up to 12th standard is Rs 2000/-. For others it is 3000/-
Course Benefits:
A time saving aid for performing calculationsUseful in cracking any competitive exam.Enhances analytical skills, pattern observation and thinking.Get an insight into the development of mathematics in India during the past 3000 years.
You can get more details about the course and how to join the course here at the official website of Chinmaya Foundation.

Sathya Sai Baba Thoughts on Money

Man has been enslaved by money. He lives a superficial, hollow and artificial life. This is indeed a real pity. Man should seek to possess only as much as is most essential for his living.
The quantity of riches one must own can be compared to the shoes one wears: if too small, they cause pain; if too big, they are hindrance while walking.
Money, too, has to be with us only just enough for a life of physical and mental comfort.
When we have more, it breeds pride, sloth and contempt for others.
In pursuit of money, man descends to the lowest level of consciousness.
Money is of the nature of manure. Piled up in one place, it pollutes the air. Spread it wide, scatter it over fields, and it rewards you with a bumper harvest. So, too, when money is spent in all the four quarters for promoting good works, it yields contentment and happiness in plenty. Sathya Sai Baba